Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano

They have an extensive professional tango career and they have been dancing together since 2015.
Dancers at the most renowned Tango Festivals in Argentina, Europe, Asia and the United States.
Jury members at the Tango World Championship held in Buenos Aires and its sub-sites as well as in many Latin American countries.

Inspirational teachers who serve as a reference for the new tango generations.
They have a sound and excellent teaching methodology based on the foundations of traditional tango, elegance, tango walking and the transmission of the milongueros’ values that gave rise to this dance.

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Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani

Argentinian born Leandro Palou & Maria Tsiatsiani are professional Argentine Tango dancers dancing together since 2014.

They have performed in over 150 cities for Tango Festivals, seminars, theatre shows, charity events, radio & TV. 

Some of their work includes being part of Tango Por Dos of Miquel Zotto’s Dance Company, resident Tango choreographers at the BBC1 TV hit show Strictly Come Dancing, London’s West End dancers, coaches at TangoChamps Argentina & judges at FITTA Campeonato in Buenos Aires.

After many successful world tours, Buenos Aires-born dancer Leandro set up London Tango Academy in central London back in 2003 and since then it has been the busiest & most popular spot for Tango in the UK. Over these 20 years, the Academy has welcomed more than 100 visiting Master Teachers and continues to help the UK community grow. In 2018, Leandro received an Award of Excellence for his Cultural Contribution by the UK Argentine Embassy.

They are best known for their traditional, elegant style and exceptional teaching method. 

Their lessons are focused on the embrace and connection, good technique and musicality to help their students dance their best.

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Johana Copes

Johana Copes started to dance the Tango when she was fourteen years old. In addition to her Tango background, Johana received training in ballet, jazz, flamenco, theatre, and musical comedy. She was also one of the first dancers to open the door of Tango dance to young dancers.

Based on her presence, strength, technique, and quality of the movements, Johana’s style is elegant and unstructured without losing the essence and soul of the Tango. She has performed on Broadway and stages around the world with her famous father, Juan Carlos Copes. Johana Copes is renowned around the world as one of the most prestigious dancers in the world of Tango Dance.

Some of her most famous students include :

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Dani Vilariño

Musicalizador de Musica Popular Rioplatense, Miembro del Club de Musicalizadores de Tango, Tango-Patrimonio de la Humanidad, Coleccionista de Tangos (una de las bibliotecas mas completas), Discografias completas de las grandes orquestas

Participaciones :

Segundo Festival de Puerto Rico- USA 2013, Tercer Festival y Campeonato Italiano 2014.

Milongas en el Exterior

Hawai-Kona, Miami-USA Tangocho, Miami-USA Milonga Halooween, Miami-USA Milonga Guacha, San Francisco-USA, Roma-Italia-Milonga El Conventillo, Puerto Rico-USA, Miami-USA La Ideal Milonga in Hallandale, Puerto Rico-USA Milonga El Barril.

Milongas en Argentina

Primer Campeonato de Tango Amateur (Mundialito), Maldita Milonga, Bendita Milonga, El Equinazo, Fulgor de Villa Crespo, El Motivo Tango, Viva La Pepa, De Querusa, El Progreso-Mercedes.


Odysseus Dada

Odysseus Dada is active in a variety of fields, such as poetry, novels, films, broadcasts, He is currently the most famous film critic in Korea and is a broadcast facilitator. May supervise and direct a feature film called RED TANGO.


He is also organizer of the MILONGA del CORAZON is the largest milonga in Seoul.

He is director of the Argentine Tango Association of Korea.

It is the Art Tango Center, founded in 2006, to represent. Hard to the disciples, he has been teaching tango. He also is a professor teaching at the University of image creation.


Juan Cupini & Virginia Vasconi

  • Coming from different backgrounds, Juan and Virginia started to dance together at the beginning of 2022.

  • Juan is one of the most prominent and renowed Stage tango dancers in Buenos Aires and Virginia is one of the biggest names and prestigious Tango Salon/de Pista Teachers around the world. Together, they have been creating a new style, based on the connection of the embrace and of their bodys.

  • They have developed their own language and their very unique way of interpreting and moving. Their distinctive characteristic is the combination of Salon and Stage in a perfect fitting with the music.

  • Their sharpness, legs work, intensity, flowing and passionate dancing creates their main essence as a Tango couple.

  • She was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She has training in Artistic Gymnastics, Jazz, Yoga, Ballet and Contemporary Dance. 

  • In 2000 she discovered the passion of Argentine Tango and in 2008 she moved to Buenos Aires.

  • She is in trained in theater and acting, having performed in several theatrical works and musicals in Córdoba (“Desaprendiendo”, “El Grito Sagrado”, “Cenicienta”) and in Buenos Aires (“Arealidades”, “La Musa del Capricho”, “Gris de Ausencia”).

  • She was a member of the famous DNI Tango School and Company in Buenos Aires for 7 years (2008-2015) as a teacher and as a performer in Buenos Aires and in the world tours.
    In 2015 she started dancing with the great Maestro and dancer Julio Balmaceda, with whom traveled the world teaching and performing at Festivals, Milongas and several shows until the end of 2019. Together they created the Show “Tango, a Society of Two”, which premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2015.

  • She is the creator of a Tango technique based on Yoga and Body Biomechanics, which is mainly characterized by naturalness, fluidity and organic movement.

  • In 2020, together with 5 dancers and teachers founded, the Mandarinas Tango group, an online project including festivals, seminars, special thematic classes and a virtual show. 

  • Amongst her dance partners we can count Julio Balmaceda , Pancho Martinez Pey and Juan Cupini.

  • She is an Official Juror certified by the Buenos Aires City government for the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, the whole country of Argentina and in all the venues around the world. She has been a Jury of the following Tango championships: La Boca Championship in  Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2014, Tango in Paradise Championship in Bali (Indonesia) 2015,  International Tango Summit in Los Angeles, CA (USA) 2018, European Tango Championship in Cervia (Italy) 2018, XIII Championship of the city of Medellín (Colombia) 2019, ATUSA in San Francisco (USA) 2020.

  • In 1996 he began his tango studies at the Municipal Theater of Merlo in the province of Buenos Aires.

  • In 2003 he met the teachers and dancers Mayoral and Elsa María and began to be part of their dance company touring the best theaters of Buenos Aires.

  • In 2003, at the age of 19, he was selected to participate in the film “Conversaciones con mamá” where he participated as a dancer and actor.

  • In 2005 he joined the ACETA tango school (Argentine Tango Style Academy).

  • As a Stage Tango Dancer, he has been part of the most prominent Tango companies traveling around different countries such as Canada, Japan, China, Boston (Harvard University), Colombia, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Spain, among others.

  • He has been part of the cast of the movie “Desconcierto Tango” directed by Rubén and Sabrina Velíz.

  • He has danced in Tango houses such as Complejo Tango, El Viejo Almacén, La Ventana and Madero Tango

He developed his career playing leading roles in different shows such as:

  • 2011 Compañía Tango de Ruptura Lado Ciego (middleweight work Buenos Aires – New Zealand)

  • 2012 Madero Tango “Donde el Tango Vive” (Buenos Aires). -Madero tango “Volver Show” (Buenos Aires)

  • ARRABAL El Musical (Buenos Aires, Toronto 2014, Colombia 2016, United States, Harvard University 2017)

  • Argentango Volume 2 (Japan 2014).

  • Madero Tango “Show Magia” (Buenos Aires 2015-2022).

  • Estampas Porteñas Company (China 2018, Peru 2019)

  • Currently, he plays one of the leading dancers in the show “Magia” in Madero Tango, one of the most prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires.

  • He is still the main character and Dance Captain of the ARRABAL Tango Musical created by Gustavo Santaolalla.

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Leandro Oliver

  • Argentine Tango Championship in Asia. Jurors (Korea. 2014)
  • Argentine Tango Championship in Argentina. Jurors (Buenos Aires. 2013)
  • Argentine Tango Championship in Europe. Jurors (Italy. 2013)
  • Argentine Tango Championship in Asia. Jurors and Checkers (Tokyo. 2010)
  • Creators and Artistic Directors of TANGO CON LAS ESTRELLAS FESTIVAL (Buenos Aires. 2009)
  • Argentine Tango Championship “Tango Libertad” Jurors y Main Couple (Japan. 2008) Tango X 2: Puro Tango. Soloist Couple. (America, Europe. 2011)
  • Tango X 2: Su Historia. Soloist Couple. (America, Europe. 2006~2010)
  • Tango X 2: Una noche de Tango. Soloist Couple. (America, Europe, Asia. 2000 – 2003) Tango X 2: Perfumes de Tango. Soloist Couple. (America. 1999 – 2000)
  • Tanguera. Main Dancer – Choreographer (Asia. 2003)
  • De Borges a Piazzolla. Soloist Couple. (America, Europe. 1998 – 1999)
  • Copes – Tango – Copes. Soloist Couple. (America. 1998 – 1999)
  • Colon Theater: Show for the German Committee (America. 1999)
  • General San Martin Theater (America. 2004) Tribute to Maria nieves
  • Cervantes Theater. Corporate Events (America. 2003)
  • Nissan Tango Buenos Aires Show. Soloist Couple (Asia. 1997)
  • El Show. Soloist Couple (Asia. 1997)
  • Los Creadores Show. Main Couple – Choreographer (Europe. 1999 – 2000)
  • Tango Emoción Show. Main Couple – Choreographer (America, Europa, Asia. 2000-2004) Juan Darienzo Orchestra Show. Main Couple – Choreographer (Asia. 2000)
  • Ballet del MERCOSUR. Maximiliano Guerra. Choreographer (America 2003)
  • Expo AICHI Japan. Main Couple – Choreographers (Asia. 20005)
  • Expo JATA TOKYO. Main Couple – Choreographers (Asia. 2005)
  • USA (New York, Miami, San Francisco, Texas, Los Angeles) Italia (Roma, Milan)
  • China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu)
  • England (London)
  • Portugal (Lisboa)
  • Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo) Kuwait (Kuwait) Philippine (Manila) Indondesia (Jakarta, Bali) Singapore
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) … and more.
  • Sheraton Hotel Hotel Alvear Conrad
  • Hotel Bauen Hilton Hotel Hyatt Hotel
  • FUJI Televisión (Japan)
  • NHK Televisión (Japan)
  • BBC Londres (England)
  • RAI UNO, DUE Y TRE (Italy)
  • TELEFE INTERNACIONAL (Argentine) TELEFE (Argentine)
  • CANAL13 (Argentine) SOLO TANGO (Argentine) ATC CANAL 7 (Argentine)
  • Señor Tango Michelangelo Piazzolla Tango Café Homero Manzi Café Tortoni Recoleta Tango Recova Plaza
  • La Cumparsita La Ventana
  • La Veda
  • Sunderland Almagro
  • Glorias Argentinas La Estrella
  • La Viruta
  • Sin Rumbo Canning
  • Lo de Celia Social Rivadavia La Baldosa Regin
  • Circulo Trovador Regin
  • La Ideal Practica X
  • Villa Malcolm
  • Club Gricel … and more

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Show Director

David Alejandro Palo

  • Exactly one year ago, after 4 years of learning the Balinese culture, the idea of this show came to my mind like a revelation.
  • I had found the technical and argumental reason to fusion my native dance, Tango Argentino, with Balinese Topeng Dance. The first impression is that it was a crazy idea. How could two native dances, so distant one of each other could be related in a single scene?  Luckily, I’ve had the impulse of enthusiastic people with a amazing  artistic soul that, without  them, would have been impossible.
  • This show is divided in two acts, each one of them showing outstanding tango dance exhibitions, group choreographies and fusion dances. Topeng Keras, wich is part of the show, was the foundational stone of the show. Premiered in January of 2018, represents the eternal balance of the relationships. Keras (hard, rigid) and Manis (soft, flexible).
  • Topeng Tua, represents the connection with the gods.  and how the spiritual strength, trough prayers, can make the wishes come true. Always in pursuit of “taksu”, which is a Balinese concept meaning a spiritual power and artistic inspiration to capture Minds and hearts of the audience, both human and divine.
Guest Dancer

Lucia & Alejandro

Both professional dancers and dance teachers with over 25 years of experience training many professional dancers in various countries, paired up as “Los Quaglia” in 2011 to launch this spectacular and unique tango fusion.

Their style is characterized by showing the essence of tango fusing Lucia's sensuality with Alejandro's playfulness, thus forming a unique style.

Their tango, which continues to attract and receive accolades on their world tours, was also highly acclaimed at a milonga in Buenos Aires, the Mecca of tango.

Los Quaglia have established a tango school named ”Para Dos Tango Studio" at central Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to teaching traditional tango, they serve as a cultural bridge between Japan and Argentina.

Guest Dancer

Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson & Anthony Miller

Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson from Chile initiated her tango journey in 1995 in Sydney and has been teaching tango in since 2001. She worked in Buenos Aires between 2001- 2006 for The World Tango Festival translating the classes of Argentine maestros Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Javier Rodrigues, Geraldine Rojas, Gloria and Eduardo, Nito and Elba, etc.. Jacqueline has taught and performed in Santiago, Chile, in 2006. Jacqueline was one of the founders of the Sydney Tango Calendar website (2004- 2022)

She participated in tango studies as an alternative therapy for depression in 2008 -2009 with the Universities of New England and McGill. 

Jacqueline combined her passion, elegance and skills with Anthony Miller and founded the prestigious school of Tango Spirit in 2006 to transmit the culture, history and essence of Tango Argentino as an Art. Jacqueline and Anthony have danced in Australian festivals and travel regularly to perform in Festivals around Asia.

Jacqueline and Anthony were selected artists in Tango 2022 for the documentary “Beats of Colour”.

Anthony: I have loved Tango Music since I saw my parents dancing to it. I learned tango in Europe in 1979. Anthony received The TangoTunes connoisseur badge as a quality music badge and is frequently invited to DJ in Asia, Europe, and Buenos Aires.

Guest Dancer

Pali & Marcelo Delgado

Pali and Marcelo Delgado, ‘Los Delgados’, are dancers from Thailand and Argentina.

Growing up on opposite sides of the world, they embarked on their life and tango journey after a chance meeting 8 years ago in Australia. They fell in love, then discovered that they shared a mutual interest in tango.

Filled with passion to develop and hone their craft, they began training together in Argentina. A tango wedding followed in 2019. They have since performed in Buenos Aires and Asia-Pacific.

Their goal is to connect with others through this beautiful dance, and to continue living their love of tango.

Guest Dancer

Luis Squichchiarini & Evgenia Samoilova

  • Finalists of the World Championship of Argentine tango several times.

  • Sub-champions of Russia in the category of tango Salon and Tango Escenario.

  • Bronze medalist of the European Championship in the Escenario tango category.

  • CHEMPIONS of the Cup of the Northwestern District of Russia in St. Petersburg.

  • CHEMPIONS of the Cordoba Championship, Argentina.

  • Organizers of the biggest internationals competitions of Argentine tango in Russia.

  • Judges of major tango tournaments.

  • Performers of the most prestige milongas in Argentina, Dubai, China, Cyprus, Russia, France and etc.

  • Artists of El Exuce show by Facundo Pinero and Vanesa Villalba
    performed and worked together with Alexandra Mantinian and Leandro Oliver
    Artists of Moscow tango Theater.

  • Creators of “DIOSA tango shoes” company by Samoylovy sisters.

  • Professional dancers and teachers of Argentine tango with more than 15 years of experience, and background of other dancestyles more then 10 years.

Guest Dancer

Emanuel & Midori

Both of two, since they were kids, they’ve danced classic ballet, Jazz dance, latin dance, hiphop and so on…

They’ve performed on various stages of musical, concert as back up dancer and made choreography or created stage performances.

In 2015, when Midori had stayed in Buenos Aires, they met by their professor Vanesa & Facundo. And they were participated in world championships, in 2016 also. And performed various shows (El cxuce) or milonga (Salon Cunning, La Baldosa and so on…)

In 2018 Emanuel moved to Japan and they performed numerous shows.

In 2021 They got champion in Argentine Tango Asian Championship, Ecenario division.

Guest Dancer

Doreen Katinka

She has been a dancer since she was young and started to dance professionally in 1987. 

Started to dance Argentinian Tango in 2007 and getting knowledge from Argentinian maestros. She has been trained by her long time teachers; Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk and has performance experiences in the country and abroad.

She is one of the passionate Tango Dancers in Jakarta till present.

Guest Dancer

Marcky De Guzman & Luz Ocampo

Luz Ocampo Tuazon.. Real State bussiness woman, Studied at University of the East ( UE) Went to Pampanga High School. She used to dance Standard and stop to be more in Argentine tango seriouly.

Marcky De Guzman, a Latin and Ballroom Dancer, turn to argentine tango.

They both dance together Since 2016, until now.

Guest Dancer

Haruna Izutani & Ezequiel Nunez

Based in Tokyo,Japan since September 2015 Staff Tokyo Para Dos Tango Studio 2015~2022, working together in different studio through out the country.

Possessing a burning passion for performing arts from a young age, Haruna takes great join in interpreting music through dance. Having trained in classical ballet for over 10 years, Haruna is a firm believer in dedication to technique in dance and this is evident in her performances. She is also a musician of the piano, violin,and singing, which is very evident when one observes the dynamic musicality that she displays in her performances.
2019 Finalist in the Asian Championship
2019 Single Champion in Shanghai Championship 2021 Salon Champion in Chique Cup Tokyo

Started dancing tango in 2002 at the age of 6.

• Metropolitan Tango and Waltz Champion in Santiago De Chile. Preliminary Champion Valparaíso, Chile Category Tango de Pista.
•Semifinalist of the Tango World Cup.

•Preliminary Champion Chile, Osorno in Tango de Pista Category (Official) National Champion in Milonga and Waltz.
•Semifinalist of the Tango World Cup.

•Tango Champion in the D’arienzo Cup, Tokyo, Japan.

• Pista Tango Champion in Pista la Competencia2 (online)
•Asian Tango Champion in Tango de pista Category


Randa Pramasha Chrisye

He’s 33 years old, Start learning tango in 2017. And become a tango DJ since 2021.

  • His favorit Music is  Metal, Rock, Indonesian/Traditional, Jazz, Classical. His musical Background is Bachelor of Music from UPH – Indonesia.

  • Ungorgetable he is the Son of a famous Indonesia artis – Chrisye.  For him music or other kind of art forms and the artists with their own unique subtle messages.

  • He was on the DJ in Indonesia Championship Preliminaries 2022.

Why walk when you can Dance
- Ellen Van Dam -
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