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Juan Cupini & Virginia Vasconi

  • Coming from different backgrounds, Juan and Virginia started to dance together at the beginning of 2022.

  • Juan is one of the most prominent and renowed Stage tango dancers in Buenos Aires and Virginia is one of the biggest names and prestigious Tango Salon/de Pista Teachers around the world. Together, they have been creating a new style, based on the connection of the embrace and of their bodys.

  • They have developed their own language and their very unique way of interpreting and moving. Their distinctive characteristic is the combination of Salon and Stage in a perfect fitting with the music.

  • Their sharpness, legs work, intensity, flowing and passionate dancing creates their main essence as a Tango couple.

  • She was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She has training in Artistic Gymnastics, Jazz, Yoga, Ballet and Contemporary Dance. 

  • In 2000 she discovered the passion of Argentine Tango and in 2008 she moved to Buenos Aires.

  • She is in trained in theater and acting, having performed in several theatrical works and musicals in Córdoba (“Desaprendiendo”, “El Grito Sagrado”, “Cenicienta”) and in Buenos Aires (“Arealidades”, “La Musa del Capricho”, “Gris de Ausencia”).

  • She was a member of the famous DNI Tango School and Company in Buenos Aires for 7 years (2008-2015) as a teacher and as a performer in Buenos Aires and in the world tours.
    In 2015 she started dancing with the great Maestro and dancer Julio Balmaceda, with whom traveled the world teaching and performing at Festivals, Milongas and several shows until the end of 2019. Together they created the Show “Tango, a Society of Two”, which premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2015.

  • She is the creator of a Tango technique based on Yoga and Body Biomechanics, which is mainly characterized by naturalness, fluidity and organic movement.

  • In 2020, together with 5 dancers and teachers founded, the Mandarinas Tango group, an online project including festivals, seminars, special thematic classes and a virtual show. 

  • Amongst her dance partners we can count Julio Balmaceda , Pancho Martinez Pey and Juan Cupini.

  • She is an Official Juror certified by the Buenos Aires City government for the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, the whole country of Argentina and in all the venues around the world. She has been a Jury of the following Tango championships: La Boca Championship in  Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2014, Tango in Paradise Championship in Bali (Indonesia) 2015,  International Tango Summit in Los Angeles, CA (USA) 2018, European Tango Championship in Cervia (Italy) 2018, XIII Championship of the city of Medellín (Colombia) 2019, ATUSA in San Francisco (USA) 2020.

  • In 1996 he began his tango studies at the Municipal Theater of Merlo in the province of Buenos Aires.

  • In 2003 he met the teachers and dancers Mayoral and Elsa María and began to be part of their dance company touring the best theaters of Buenos Aires.

  • In 2003, at the age of 19, he was selected to participate in the film “Conversaciones con mamá” where he participated as a dancer and actor.

  • In 2005 he joined the ACETA tango school (Argentine Tango Style Academy).

  • As a Stage Tango Dancer, he has been part of the most prominent Tango companies traveling around different countries such as Canada, Japan, China, Boston (Harvard University), Colombia, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Spain, among others.

  • He has been part of the cast of the movie “Desconcierto Tango” directed by Rubén and Sabrina Velíz.

  • He has danced in Tango houses such as Complejo Tango, El Viejo Almacén, La Ventana and Madero Tango

He developed his career playing leading roles in different shows such as:

  • 2011 Compañía Tango de Ruptura Lado Ciego (middleweight work Buenos Aires – New Zealand)

  • 2012 Madero Tango “Donde el Tango Vive” (Buenos Aires). -Madero tango “Volver Show” (Buenos Aires)

  • ARRABAL El Musical (Buenos Aires, Toronto 2014, Colombia 2016, United States, Harvard University 2017)

  • Argentango Volume 2 (Japan 2014).

  • Madero Tango “Show Magia” (Buenos Aires 2015-2022).

  • Estampas Porteñas Company (China 2018, Peru 2019)

  • Currently, he plays one of the leading dancers in the show “Magia” in Madero Tango, one of the most prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires.

  • He is still the main character and Dance Captain of the ARRABAL Tango Musical created by Gustavo Santaolalla.

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Workshop with Juan Cupini & Virginia Vasconi

Sunday, June 25

  • Workshop 1 JC-VV @11.00-12.20. Tango de Pista. Level: Int/Adv. Co Tino Us Circular Movements
  • Workshop 2 JC-VV @14.30-15.50. Couples Only. Level: Adv. Combro Ing Sequence Pista & Escenario

Monday, June 26

  • Workshop 3 JC-VV @ 13.00-14.20. Tango de Pista. Level: Int/Adv. Co Minati in of Ganchos

Tuesday, June 27

  • Workshop 4 JC-VV @13.00-14.20. Tango de Pista. Level: Int/Adv. Giro with Sacadas
  • Workshop 5 JC-VV @16.00-17.20. Couples Only. Level: Adv. Co Miming Sequence Pista & Escenario
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